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The A to Z of Emotions – O is for Optimism

Are you an optimist or a pessimist by nature?  Or do you fluctuate between the two?  Most of us have an idea of which one we are but in recent times, that may have changedRead more

The A to Z of Emotions – N is for Nervous

What happens when you feel nervous, do you have clammy hands, feel a bit sick and faint or do you get excited and can’t sit still?  Being nervous can sometimes make us freeze and notRead more

The A to Z of Emotions – M is for Misunderstood

Have you ever felt lonely, even though you’re surrounded by people and have a busy life?  You may have been misunderstood and this can cause even the most popular, fun loving person to feel unseenRead more

The A to Z of Emotions – L is for Lacklustre

Ever had a day where you felt you lacked vitality and energy, had no inspiration to do anything and couldn’t pick yourself up?  You may feel as if you’re in a bit of a fog,Read more

The A to Z of Emotions – K is for Kindness

I used to think that the word ‘Kind’ was a bit of a wishy washy word and when I was young and thought of this word, I visualised an old grandma in a knitted cardiganRead more

The A to Z of Emotions – J is for Jealousy

The green eyed monster…….When we think of jealousy it can evoke all sorts of emotions.  Most of us have experienced jealousy in some form or other, whether it’s being jealous of someone or someone beingRead more

The A to Z of Emotions – I is for Inspiration

Life has suddenly changed since I’ve started my A to Z of emotions blog, we’re in the midst of a pandemic, and more than ever we need inspiration to find new ways of living andRead more

The A to Z of Emotions – H is for Hesitancy

Being hesitant is a feeling that sometimes makes us feel anxious, vulnerable and well, not quite right in ourselves.  We all hesitate at times and are unsure about things, but when does hesitation become aRead more

The A to Z of Emotions – G is for Gratitude

We live in a society where we’re all very busy, flitting from one thing to the other and often juggling work, family and studies.  Because we rarely have the time to mentally process each day,Read more

The A to Z of Emotions – F is for Fear

Fear – it can be something that limits you in life and can prevent us from doing what we want to do.  It can also make us do things we don’t want to or perhapsRead more