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My Story

I am a survivor of several blood clots, and am on life long medication.  When I was 20 I had my first blood clot and didn’t understand what it meant or how it would affect my life.  Over the next 12 years I suffered further blood clots and I stuck my head in the sand, being too scared and depressed about what was happening to me.  It seemed the easier way to deal with it.  I was in constant pain, both physically and mentally.  When I had my last clot 15 years ago, I mentally crashed, finding it hard to articulate how I felt; my catastrophic thinking about nearly dying again was almost too difficult to bear.  I needed to get myself out of that black hole and accept my condition.  I started by setting myself really small goals, and this helped me to get my hope back and I felt inspired.  I wasn’t done with life and although I understood that I had to adapt, and there were some things I wouldn’t be able to do, I realised that I still had passions in life that I wanted to pursue.  I love travelling, learning about new places and cultures and wasn’t going to let the fact that I couldn’t fly very far get in the way.  I did stopovers on flights so I could get to places further away.  Being creative and finding different routes to take has made my travels even more exciting and I believe I’ve seen more than I would have if I’d have travelled directly.  Now I feel I live the life I want to, the acceptance of my condition has been liberating and empowering.  My condition is still there, I cope with fatigue and post thrombotic syndrome, however through having a positive attitude I live a fulfilled life and feel ‘normal’.

My Journey as a Coach

For years I have actively listened to people and wanted to help them.  I felt a natural pull towards coaching so In 2018 I decided to formally train as a coach and gained a certified diploma in transformational coaching.  I am also a member of the International Coach Federation.

Whilst training I discovered my strengths and gained confidence and during this process I accepted all my faults and imperfections and became content with who I am.  By setting myself realistic goals, I let go of my negative bias and as a result, I feel more free.

I now use the skills and tools that I learnt whilst training to be a coach, and pull on my inner resources so that I feel more content with life.  My aim as a coach is to enable you to do the same, to help you gain the confidence and strength to strive for more and succeed in your goals.

Since I have become a coach, I surround myself with people who inspire me and from whom I can learn. 

Learning a new way of thinking and doing things is a challenge, but by using the right set of skills and tapping into your strengths and resources, change is possible and a more fulfilled life can be within your reach.

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