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Positive Health Coaching

What I do
I help chronic illness sufferers bring the zest back to their lives by looking at positive new possibilities.

Why I do it
As someone with a chronic illness for the past 28 years, through self development I have achieved my ambitions and much more. I was in a dark place in total denial for years, held myself back, hiding behind my illness. I made the conscious decision to confront and accept my condition and this enabled me to move on. My illness will always be there but I no longer let it control or define me. I use my experience to help my clients through their own personal journeys of mental recovery, guiding them towards a more positive life.

How I do it
I coach all chronic illness sufferers, irrespective of their condition. My clients are stuck in their situation, feeling as if their condition controls and defines them. By facilitating positive change, my clients’ lives become more fulfilling, exciting and contented. I work with my clients so that they can better understand their thinking and gain the mental capacity and resources to cope with their condition.

Why it works
Starting at the beginning, I support my clients through confronting and accepting their condition. These foundations provide a solid base to work through any mental blocks and around obstacles that are being experienced. Through working with me, my clients feel more ‘free’ once they have allowed themselves to accept the change that their condition has brought and they positively adapt, able to see new opportunities in their lives.


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Please note that I do not and cannot give medical advice and will refer you to your GP if I feel this is necessary.

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