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The A to Z of Emotions – D is for Disenchanted

Do you look at other people and think “you’re lucky, you have interests and a passion” and feel that your life is mundane with no special interest?

Having that heavy, disenchanted, disillusioned feeling isn’t nice, it’s depressing.  Some people live with this feeling constantly and get stuck in a rut, it must be draining and demoralising.  But recognising you feel this way is important and the first step to dealing with being disenchanted and changing your life for the better.  However, don’t think that someone is going to do this for you – taking action is the key and only you can do this.  So, firstly identify what is making you disenchanted and why.  Can you think of ways to adapt things to make them better for yourself?  When you have the chance to change, do you still do nothing and say “I can’t”?  Have you ever challenged yourself about this?  Those who take no action will keep being disenchanted and will keep complaining about it – don’t be one of these people!


Be a ‘Doer’

Taking action doesn’t always cost money, it just takes a bit of effort.  Firstly, ask yourself what gets you out of bed each morning, what really gives you motivation in life?  For instance, it could be that you are disenchanted at work, however your passion is travelling or dancing or theatre and you work so that you can do these things.  When you get that disenchanting feeling, bring your motivation to the forefront of your mind and remind yourself of what you have to look forward to.  Put a picture on your fridge so that you can see what your motivation is – reminding yourself of what you look forward to will help positive thinking.


Find your ‘why’

Everybody has a ‘why’ – a life purpose.  I found out quite recently what my ‘why’ is and it took some self assessment and self development to find it.  Once I found my ‘why’, things became clearer and I moved forward.  Some people know instantly what their why is and have a whole life plan mapped out and stick to it.  However, some of us get to it a bit later, but however long it takes to find it, that feeling of ‘wow, now I know why I’m doing this’ is absolutely amazing and liberating.

To find your ‘why’, think about who or what makes you tick.  It may not be obvious at first, but if you take responsibility to find your why, it will come to you.  Your why will have such a meaning to you and you only, and realising our own capability is empowering.  If you’re finding it difficult to find your ‘why’, then perhaps write down your strengths and qualities, then write down what you love doing.  Look at these – do they make you realise something about yourself?  My ‘why’ was actually staring at me in the face and at first I thought that I should have known this before I did, however finding my ‘why’ when I did was part of my process and the process is also an important part of self discovery and self development.


Coaching can help enormously – sometimes it takes someone else to ask a question or reflect your own words back to you to get you to see your world in a completely different way.  Contact me if you’d like to have a free taster session with no obligation.

Next month – E is for Euphoria.  We all get exhausted at times, it can be physical but it can also be emotional and difficult to cope with.  Would you like to feel more euphoric?  I will share my experience with you and help you to overcome your emotional exhaustion and turn this into euphoria.

Out on 1st December!


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