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The A to Z of Emotions – A is for Acceptance

In this series of blog posts I will be bringing you my take on different emotions, one per month, so here goes, the A to Z of emotions:


A is for Acceptance

Acceptance is a conscious decision and depending on what you have to accept; it can be difficult or it can be liberating.  When I think of positive health coaching, I see acceptance as the key to moving forward positively from suffering an illness or dealing with a chronic condition.


My recent journey of acceptance

I was reminded of acceptance very recently when I had to change my life long medication.  My first reaction was anxiety, and all the feelings from when I last had a blood clot resurfaced.  My head was spinning with too many thoughts, so I checked in with myself, took a breath and slowed myself down.  I understood that I had to accept the change if I was to deal with it sensibly and practically.  Firstly, I felt that I had to accept my condition all over again (something which I thought I had done years ago).  Since the last time I had to do this I have become a coach, so I was able to employ the strategies that I use with my clients, starting with writing down what I was anxious about and what I found hard to accept.  Using my list of ‘worries’ and questions, I was able to sensibly look at these and understand that a lot of them had positive answers.  I also reminded myself not to worry about something that hadn’t happened yet and that if it did, I would deal with it at that time.  I realised that I couldn’t change the situation, so I had to adapt to it, face it and deal with it.  Part of the change in my medication was not being able to test my blood myself to see if it was within a certain clotting range.  This used to give me comfort that I was on track and bring the anxiety down when thoughts went rife about having another blood clot.  With the new medication I can’t test so I just have to trust in it.  I had to accept that there are thousands, possibly millions of people taking this medication and that it works for them.  I also had to accept that there are plenty of people like me who have done the medication swap and they are well, with no adverse reactions.  For the first week I was extremely aware of when and how I took the new medication and how I was feeling.  When I pulled a muscle in my leg, this sent me into a bit of a spin as I immediately thought that it was a new clot, but again, I had to slow myself down, think of what I knew the facts to be and keep calm.  I’m aware in the past that I have ignored the issues that I can’t accept and this has done me no good at all, it just made my anxiety worse.  Instead, looking at an issue head on, and acknowledging my emotions around it means that I give myself the ability to work through them, deal with them and live with them.  Not only that, accepting and adapting has opened up a more fulfilled life for me.  We may not be able to get rid of every negative emotion we have, but by recognising them, letting them sit with us until we decide how to deal with them, we can eventually accept our emotions, negative or otherwise, and acceptance will set us free.


What’s holding you back right now?

When you look at your life, is there something that you want to or need to accept in order to move forward and be happier?  If you think about accepting the thing that’s holding you back, what would your life look like?  If you want to talk this through with me, contact me to book a free 30 minute coaching taster session and we can discuss the way forward.


Next month

B is for Bewildered.  Are you sometimes thrown off balance, distracted and confused?  Read my blog next month and find out how I have coped with this and the strategies that have helped me cope with being bewildered.

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